Getting @£$ keys to work in X

Kristoffer Ekelund e7ke at
Mon Apr 23 09:59:31 PDT 2001


I'm not sure if I'm sending this to the right list, but I think apps ought
to be apropriate, since X isn't part of the book...

Anyway, I've installed X on my lfs-pre1 box using the lfs-hint and
compiled WindowMaker, my wm of choice. Problem is I can't get @ £ $ or any
other charachter you need to hold down alt-gr to type to work under X. It
just inserts the numbers that I would have gotten if I would have just
pressed the key. I also installed AfterStep, thinking it might have been a
Wmaker problem, but I get the exact same behaviour there. I have no
problems using my keyboard in when not in X. I have a swedish qwerty
keyboard with those pesky windows keys on it...

I looked at the mailing list archives but couldn't find anything relevant
(or I just don't know what to look for...), so if anyone knows how to fix
it and/or what's causing it I would be very happy.

	Kristoffer Ekelund 

Read, think, spread!

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