Rik Burt rikb at
Thu Apr 26 07:21:21 PDT 2001

> i know i built an entire system using just devfs, only disaster
struck, i
> built it on an reiserf partition and i couldn´t get lilo to understand
> to boot my partition because of the devfs naming-scheme, so i am left
with a
> beatiful new shiny LFS-system wich is unbootble and i haven´t got a
> new enough to support reiserf:(, i need that to chroot into my old
> partition to revive the boot loader, unless anybody has another

If I understand you correctly you have the entire system built and you
just can't boot it.  LILO wouldn't boot my new LFS either so I switched
to GRUB.  The GRUB hint is excellent and I believe has a great article on
GRUB as well.

I know I know I grew up with LILO too but IMHO GRUB works better.

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