RedHat Linux 7.1 seems a bit iffy so far

Jason Gurtz jason at
Fri Apr 27 11:01:46 PDT 2001


> files, but I'm
> passing on the hints to friends who'll be installing from CDs so I don't
> want to do any more "expert" tweaks than I have to.  One of them will be
> installing Linux for the first time, and it would be tough to walk him
> through config file edits right from the start (not to mention
> turning him
> off the whole prospect of using Linux.  He's a WinXX user who's tired of
> crashing, and I'd like to woo him to the light with some easy stuff
> first.  He'll learn the rest as he needs to.)

Maybe Mandrake would be better to teach.  They seem to have done quit well
recently as far as ease of use, stability, etc... go.  I might even DL an
ISO and give 8.0 a spin, even tho I'm pretty much strictly LFS now for Linux
systems and use Debian as a base.  I really can't see myself saying the same
thing about any of these RH 7.X releases.



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