PRM-4.0 for glibc-2.2 howto

Jason Gurtz jason at
Mon Jan 1 14:32:42 PST 2001

*sigh* only 500 more e-mails to go....  ;)

    I guess I'll jump in here to say, "I'm back," and glad to see things
have been active while I was unwired...

>   b) I do not want to create any confusion because there is
>      already PRM-4.0 guide by Jason Gurtz, which is real good.

hehe, enough to get someone started at any rate  ;)

>      I hope it will be possible to incorporate our work
>      in one paper someday.

Yes indeed!  ...and sooner, rather than later  :)

More from me later, want to get through more mail and stuff.


| jason at |

<much snippage>

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