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Daniel Roethlisberger admin at
Mon Jan 1 22:22:50 PST 2001

> Hello, here is a couple of notes regarding installation of
> openssl as the part of the thing in Subject

Your OpenSSL notes make sense to me. I've incorporated it more or
less into the hint. I did a lot of rephrasing, but essentially,
it is what you suggested.

> NOTE: ./config, not ./configure. It's your typo.

Yeah, that's what you get when you copy&paste from above... ;-)

> The libraries a) installed with wrong permissions b) instead of
> symlinking very same stuff copied 3 times, so you waste 3 times
> more space c) static libraries although created, haven't
> installed.

I fully agree on a) and c), but b) is not as bad as you describe
(but not perfect either). There -is- a symlink. But there is a
copy as well. So it's just twice as much space, not 3 times, at
least in the install I've got.

Your fix corrects it all. Thanks a lot for those improvements!

OpenSSH hint v1.1 should be commited soon. Changes are your
improvements, plus quite a few other typos corrected, and a minor
change to the random devices script, and some rephrasing and/or
additional info here and there.


   Daniel Roethlisberger
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