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ken_i_m ken_i_m at elegantinnovations.com
Tue Jan 2 05:04:45 PST 2001

At 11:10 PM 1/2/01 +1300, Simon. wrote:
>On Tuesday 02 January 2001 06:06, you wrote:
> > At 11:13 PM 1/1/01 +1300, Simon wrote:
> > >Unfortunately, . . . . . . all the
> > >Gecko-based browsers I've seen are for Gnome.
>My remark above was not favoring KDE over Gnome - I was merely observing that
>all the Gecko-based browsers seem to require Gnome.
>Personally, I'd rather not have either installed - that's why I'm looking for
>a good browser that doesn't require all the extras. Both Gnome and KDE
>provide too much that I don't want. I use a WindowMaker desktop, with a
>handful of xterms. While KDE has a number of good programs, I don't want
>programs that come with 50Mb worth of baggage.

Ah.....I now see that I don't understand the possible solutions to setting 
up a GUI environment on Linux. I thought the options were basicly two. 
Either Gnome or KDE.

I think, therefore, ken_i_m

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