KDE program configure

Davin Carlson davin at bethlehembooks.com
Tue Jan 2 06:26:02 PST 2001

Simon Geard wrote:

> No, I haven't installed Downloader since I started with LFS, and didn't use
> Konqueror prior to that. The drag-drop feature was really useful though.

Whenever I drag a file from Konqueror to the Downloader's DnD icon all I
get is a circle-slash symbol (i.e., it's telling me I can't do it).
> As for clipboard, that shouldn't be a problem. You can copy urls to clipboard
> from konqueror easily enough. Can't Downloader retrieve it from there?

One would think so. When I right click on a file and select "copy" the
file's location doesn't seem to copy to the clipboard.

Both of these options work fine with Netscape (I used Downloader before
on my Red Hat 6.1 system). Maybe it's a Konqueror issue. I'm fairly sure
I have Downloader configured correctly. Oh, well...



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