Gnome And Berkeley DB... The nightmare continues!

Vodden, Richard richard.vodden at
Tue Jan 2 08:55:05 PST 2001

Oddly, when I run nm on /bin/ I don't see dbopen in there, which may
well be the source of the problem. I can't however, see a good reason for it
not being in there. Does anyone know anything about the actual DB interface,
and whether or not the gnome ./configure is looking for it correctly?
Failing that, has anyone actually got gnome to compile on an LFS system,
using gnome-libs 1.2.8 and DB 3.1.17 ? (or even 2.7.7).

Any help would be great... It's the first proper brick wall I've hit since
converting all my PC's to LFS.



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Sorry to say I never got it installed. As it was a last minute project 
before I left a contract, I had limited time to spend trying. I did get past

the database errors, by adding the path to the DB library and include files 
to my $LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable. (you could also try using the 
-I and -L option during make)

I then ran into a plethora of other errors. Mostly dealing with graphics 
packages that Solaris 7 did'nt have, that needed to be installed in a 
specific order. Although it may be easier on Linux, since these may be 
common linux libraries.

Currently I have Gnome on my Linux, but I am running Suse, and the package 
is easily installed via YAST.

Hope this helps.

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Subject: Gnome And Berkeley DB... The nightmare continues!
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I am trying to compile Gnome 1.2.8 on a linux box, and came across the exact
same error you reported on Sun Managers, i.e. dbopen not found in -ldb or
-ldb1. I have installed Berkeley DB 2.7.7 but to no avail, the error message
is still present. Did your build/install go smoothly after the Berkeley

Thanks for your help


Newbe Linux Hacker

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