X-4.0.2, Voodoo 3, and RPM

Geoff Stanbury geeyoff at zerohour.net
Tue Jan 2 21:40:38 PST 2001

Hi.  Apologies if this isn't the most appropriate place to post this 
question, but you all seem like nice people.  :-)  Besides, usenet hasn't 
been of help.

I want to install X 4.0.2, and I've got a 3dfx Voodoo 3 graphics 
card.  I've noticed that there are numerous rpm's for download at 
http://linux.3dfx.com but I don't know enough about graphics cards and APIs 
and all that stuff to have a good sense of what, if anything, I need from 
that site.  (Drivers?  X server?  Glide kit?)
I haven't opened up any of their packages to inspect them and try to figure 
out if I need them, but I haven't installed RPM yet.  (I'd like to avoid 
installing  it at all unless it's truly necessary.)
Lastly, I'm under the impression that I don't want/need DRI, primarily 
because I'm not a hardcore linux gamer.  Am I mislead to believe this?

Can anybody offer any guidance?  Specific knowledge of what rpm's I need to 
download and install, or perhaps a way of checking out rpm's without 
installing RPM itself?  (I get the impression from Jason Gurtz's lfs-hint 
that there's no other way.  Also, I looked at Alien, but the documentation 
said that RPM is required to convert rpms to other packages.)  Thanks.


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