gcc/chroot - update 1

Barry barry at hartford.uconn.edu
Wed Jan 3 09:39:00 PST 2001

Bill Suit wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 January 2001 05:47 pm, you wrote:
> > Barry, I just noticed that my paste with the dots was wrong. It should be:
> >
> > ... ..
> >
> > Bill
> Damn, yo no comprende. The above should be:
> one dot  two dots
> Bill

hehe...no problem...

I figured it out... the single dot is filesystem notation for the
current dir and the .. is filesystem notation to the previous
dir...relative, of course, to the dir that you ls'ed... that just a
basic FYI...these are present in all directories and are key components
to how the filesystem operates...

hence, this tells me that the directory exists, but that no files were
actually placed here.  Again, this means that you don't have a complete
gcc installation...without any more information, the solution is the
same...re-installing the static gcc...

I'd suggest copying over the files manually from the source dir, but I
can't be entirely sure that that is the only problem with your gcc

try installing again, with my 'echo $?' advice...that is, run the
commands in the static make without typing && after the command... run
each command seperately, typing echo $? at the prompt after each command
runs.  If 'echo $?' returns a 0, then the last command was successful.  
If it returns anything else, then you have an error...

note: (I always include this note) the special parameter $? only holds
the return code from the previous command.  If you slip up and type 'cho
$?' and then type 'echo $?' and get a 1, that 1 was for the typo in 'cho
$?' and not for the command before it.

write back after you've tried this :)

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