Gnome icons & mktemp

Mike Hildebrandt mikehild at
Wed Jan 3 09:48:29 PST 2001

> Just installed Gnome last according to the Hint, but I've got a slight
> issue:  No icons on the panel bar, or menus.  Is this normal
> with a "fresh"
> install?  This happened the other night, and I realized in
> going back over
> the instructions for Gnome and Xfree (I didn't want KDE, so
> stopped at end
> of XFree) that I hadn't installed XPM or TIFF.  So, I
> recompiled Gnome last
> night (aside from the "sound" stuff) and still had the same problem.

Hmm... You're the second person to ask about this on the list...

When you say there's no icons, do you mean there's just a blank button that
you click on and it runs Control-Center, xterm, etc. or that the button
isn't there period?

If it's just the icon that's missing, then try reinstalling libpng (IIRC the
icons are PNGs) then gnome-libs & gnome-core.

If the button itself is missing, try adding your own (by right-clicking on
the panel and selecting the appropriate option - sorry, I can't remember
what it's called at the moment).  If that doesn't work, then something
definitely went wrong during the install.  Well, obviously something went
wrong because you _should_ start out with stuff on the panel...  Either way,
try recompiling gnome-libs and gnome-core without optimizations.  If that
doesn't work, I have no clue what it could be (perhaps someone else might

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