Got It Going

Perrin Aybara vze24938 at
Wed Jan 3 18:34:38 PST 2001

Well, I got my V3 going with DRI (Kernel 2.2.18, built into it--not
modules).  I don't know what exactly made it click.  For a while I was
banging my head, having followed all the directions at and still failing.  I think it was somewhere in one
of these steps:

1. There's an old ATI Rage II built into the motherboard on this
machine, and X sees it (well, actually, back when redhat first started
making true graphical installation disks those installs would even crash
trying to use that card instead of my V3).  I had looked at the
Xinerama-HOWTO once upon a time, curious soul that I am, and I figured
I'd do an XFree86 -scanpci and get the BusID for my Voodoo 3 and put it
in XF86Config.  Did that, check. 

2. Checked out the section at where they have sample
XF86Config files (the V3 one in particular, of course).  There was one
line that specified where the X11 modules were to be found which was
actually commented out by default, and also the part where you specify
the card's driver and identifier also could optionally have a
"VendorName" tag.  I figured what the hey--uncommented the modules line,
put in the VendorName "3dfx" line.  I also realized I had the BusID
specified in the wrong place (under the SVGA section), so I corrected
that tout-de-suite (right away).

After those two steps I did a startx -- +xinerama &> x_log.  I didn't
think anything would come of it, since I'd changed things, started x,
then checked the log a million times already and saw that stupid message
about it thinking I didn't have a V3.  It was at about this point that I
noticed somewhere (can't remember exactly where now) that X keeps
official startup logs in /var/log/XFree86.0.log (doh!), and when I
checked that and scrolled to the bottom (just for the hell of it) I
noticed the wonderful words "direct rendering enabled".  I checked my
makeshift log, and it said the same.  Like the grinch, my heart grew
three sizes at that moment.  Joy!  But the test3dfx, testGlide2x, and
testGlide3x binaries still fail.  Oh well, at least now my GL
screensavers are working (petty me, but hey they're one of life's simple
pleasures)! :)

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