Going home and some other news...

Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at gmx.net
Thu Jan 4 04:43:20 PST 2001

On Wednesday 03 January 2001 21:03, you wrote:
> > Jesse seemed very happy to see me again (should I say overly happy?), and
> > we talked a lot in #LFS. He gave me CVS access and I've done a lot of
> > changes to the hints. I added a README file which everyone who intends to
> > modify the hints should read, and I also converted them to HTML with a
> > little script/program of my devising (with a lot of help from many people
> > for the script). If you want to modify the hints, go ahead, but I have
> > many plans for the hints and intend to transform them radically. I
> > already changed all the hints so that they conform to the format
> > described in the README file, so that they can be exported to anything.
> > To test it I exported them to HTML, and it was a success. Well, some
> > hints are unreadable in HTML, but the point is to standardize everything.
> > So go ahead, make any changes to the hints, you've got CVS access. But
> > please don't forget that I'm doing some big-scale changes.
> In light of that I'd suggest Simon be in charge of the hints again as he
> used to. Fabio, don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't trust you or
> don't like you or anything like that, but just that Simon has had the most
> experience with the hints so far and has some great ideas too. Fabio, if
> you want you can still help out on the hints, but co-ordinate it with
> Simon. If you guys want it, I can get you a lfs-hint mailinglist where you
> can discuss those type of things.

No problem, if Simon needs some help, he can just mail me. I don't think we 
need a list for that, especially since the hints are "only" a temporary thing.


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