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If that's the case, then boot with a rescue disk that includes (at least)
fdisk, chroot, mkswap and mkext2fs.  You could then boot, partition your
heart out, format, then lay your tar down on the drive.  Chroot into this,
then run lilo (making the appropriate changes to lilo.conf, if necessary).
For the above scenario, and most other repairs, the BBC (Bootable Business
Card) from works spiffily.  I've been thinking about modifying
the ISO so I can put the LFS tar into it to save a few steps.


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I should clarify.  I have built an LFS system as the book dictates then
tarred it up, put it on a cd and used slackware boot disks to partition,
untar, and chroot into the lfs system on a new machine.

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