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Simon Perreault nomis80 at videotron.ca
Sat Jan 6 07:56:32 PST 2001

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On Saturday 06 January 2001 06:41, Fabio Fracassi wrote:
> Ok, it is Updated!
> btw Simon, can you post me your 2html-script?

It right there in the html directory. I posted earlier about this, and how to 
use it. Here is the original message:

All the hints have been auto-converted to HTML. I created a new file "README" 
which explains the simple formatting that all hints must adhere to, so that 
they're exportable to anything. I had to do a bit of editing by hand to 
slightly modify about 50% of the hints. In the html directory, there is a 
..template file which is the reference about the format of the html hints. The 
convert.sh script is used to convert a TXT hint to a HTML hint. It uses a 
little proggy I did (I was tired of searching the bash man page) named 
thingy. There's the compiled version and the source in the html directory. To 
convert a TXT hint to a HTML hint, do this:

cd html # you must be in html
cat ../hint.txt | convert.sh > hint.html

That's it. If there are errors in the HTML hint, there are the same errors in 
the TXT file. I'm about 99% confident that my script doesn't generate errors.

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