I have mirrored the 2.4 kernel

Dominic Sacré bugcreator at gmx.de
Sun Jan 7 09:42:12 PST 2001

On Saturday 06 January 2001 20:31, Sergey Ostrovsky wrote:
> <snip>
> Resierfs and Alan Cox's patches to linux-2.4.0 just don't live together.
> I mean, there are conficts in 2 places in fs.h.
> It is not some-obscure-freakin'-MFM-PC-XT. It is fs.h.
> So I decided on using reiserfs patch only ( for now ).
> Having done so, I noticed when the system goes down / reboots,
> I see bunch of messages about failed write on ro filesystem
> ( I have reiserfs as the root fs ).
> Any similar experience ?
> Sergey Ostrovsky.

Exactly the same...

I could get rid of these messages by remounting the filesystem read-only
before unmounting it, i.e. I added "/bin/mount -o remount,ro /" before
"/bin/umount -a -r" in the umountfs-script.


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