I have mirrored the 2.4 kernel

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jan 7 11:45:21 PST 2001

> Resierfs and Alan Cox's patches to linux-2.4.0 just don't live together.
> I mean, there are conficts in 2 places in fs.h.
> It is not some-obscure-freakin'-MFM-PC-XT. It is fs.h.
> So I decided on using reiserfs patch only ( for now ).
> Having done so, I noticed when the system goes down / reboots,
> I see bunch of messages about failed write on ro filesystem
> ( I have reiserfs as the root fs ).
> Any similar experience ?

Same ones here. Ok here's the deal:

get kernel-2.4
apply the ac2 patch
apply the reiserfs patch
the patch will mostly work, just at the end you will see that one hunk 
regarding fs.h failed

Igore it for now. Just start building a kenrel. You'll get errors about 
redefinitions in the fs.h file. When you get the error, edit fs.h, go to the 
line where it said "first defined here" and remove the functions there (in 
total there are 3 to be removed). 

Not the cleanest way but the way that works. After that I unpacked a second 
kernel-2.4 + the ac2 patch and ran a diff on the fs.h files and I updated the 
reiserfs patch and updated the fs.h section in reiserfs patch 

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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