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Tue Jan 9 20:30:52 PST 2001

On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Perrin Aybara wrote:

> Okay, this isn't really a high-end automation or anything, so I didn't
> think ALFS-discuss was the list for it (overkill).  Here's my dilemma:
> I've recently (since about a month ago) started doing my LFS builds with
> shell scripts.  The only problem with that is carrying over to the
> chroot environment.  Of course, once the script gets to the chroot
> command it stops executing since it's then in a new shell.  Anyone have
> any solutions as to how to get around this with a shell script?  It
> wasn't going to be that big of a problem for me with the build I did
> this afternoon--I started my pre-chroot script before I left for a class
> I had tonight, and due to a syntax error I came back to see that the
> script had died at the gcc install.  The pre-chroot stuff will finish
> sometime during the night, but there'll be a long chunk of the night
> where my system is just sitting here since I can't get past the chroot
> without user intervention (actually _calling up_ the post-chroot shell
> script from inside the chroot).  Any help on this?  Thanks in advance...

I haven't tried this, but could you call the post-chroot shell script from
the .bashrc in the chrooted $HOME?

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