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Wed Jan 10 16:30:56 PST 2001

On January 10, 2001 06:28 pm, Perrin Aybara wrote:
> The order I was following was the order put forth by the guy who posted
> the patches originally (scott thomason)--I used his instructions before
> with no problems.  According to said instructions, Glibc is patched in
> the static compile but NOT GCC.  GCC is patched with both patches in the
> post-chroot install.  Also, in LFS 2.4.3 Ncurses comes before GCC.
> I've checked three different messages scott thomason posted with the
> instructions, and they're all the same: glibc is under the "---static
> build---" section and GCC is under the "---dynamic build---" section.
> Is this wrong?  I specifically remember succesfully building an LFS
> system with these instructions before, but then again that system might
> have been from a version of Gerard's book where the dynamic install of
> GCC fell before Ncurses.

If you don't use the gcc patch in chapter 5, your 
$LFS/usr/include/g++/streambuf.h (and a second file in the same directory) 
will be incorrect. This can be fixed by using the gccinclude patch also 
provided by scott (install static gcc without a patch, but then apply the 
gccinclude patch after you installed gcc).

Or, save yourself trouble and just use the gcc patch, which incorporates the 
gccinclude patch. 

Gerard Beekmans

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