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On Wednesday, January 10, 2001 13:23, Ainsley Pereira wrote:
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> > When compiling the kernel, what is the difference between make:
> >
> > bzImage
> > zImage
> The compression. The kernel image is compressed on disk, and
> uncompresses itself (that's the first line you see after you select
> it in LILO, remember?)
> bz compression algorithms are generally better.

I remember reading in some kernel readme that bzImage has nothing to do with bzip2.  The "b" in bzImage merely means "big".  So use it for kernels too big for a mere zImage (or simply use it all the time... heh).

> Incidentally, if you think it might be faster to store it
> uncompressed, you could be wrong; the cpu time to uncompress it is
> probably less than the extra time reading more data from disk would
> take. (Of course, that depends on the speed of your processor &
> disks, and the size of your kernel, feel free to experiment.)

I wonder what the point of a nice boot is; it's not like ya reboot every couple of minutes, anyway.  The only time I boot and reboot and reboot is to test my bootstrap junk, and then I don't see it again until the next time I either need to go to Windows and back or want a quiet room free of whiny fan noises.

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