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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Jan 11 05:29:03 PST 2001

> I have my mental list of changes. Sure I'd be interested to see yours if
> that's convenient.

I plan to build X either tonight or tomorrow night to expect such a list to 
appear after the weekend.

> However, I was not sure that people really need this stuff.

I find your guide very helpful, especially the part about the X 
configuration, I can't ever seem to remember which .cf files to edit (but I 
keep a tarball of my last used config/cf directory to save myself time as I 
rebuild X a lot of times lately)

> Why ? On Dec 27 I posted notes about installation of RPM-4.0 on glibc-2.2 -
> based
> system. I do not see it yet in the proper place. It makes me think that
> something is
> wrong with it. If so, why not to tell me ? Do not take this question as a

I never saw that hint coming by I'm afraid and I guess the other hint 
maintainer didn't either. I try not to miss messages but I guess now and then 
a message to the lists does slip through my fingers. Would you mind reposting 
it (or at the least give me the date when you posted it so I can scroll up 
and try to locate it. If you sent it to the list I do have it in one of my 
lfs folders, now's the trick to find it)

Gerard Beekmans

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