Suggest update X Guide

Mike Hildebrandt mikehild at
Thu Jan 11 08:39:21 PST 2001

> > There's already a hint for Gnome that works as an extension
> of the X11
> hint.
> Yes, but I and at least one other person have had problems if
> you didn't
> follow the X11 hint to it's conclusion and installed KDE (at
> least that's
> what it seems, I haven't had a chance to start over again with it).

Hmm... I just went as far as the step to install tiff (i.e. everything but
QT and KDE) and had no major problems...  Sometime in the next couple months
I'm hoping to take another look at the gnome hint and completely redo it.
I'm just waiting for a) my new PC, and b) a new version of LFS that includes
glibc-2.2.  And I guess if the X11 hint is going to be updated that'll
probably help as well.

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