Suggest update X Guide

Steve Hayashi sth at
Thu Jan 11 08:41:30 PST 2001

Perhaps I'm a little ignorant of X applications but I prefer a Windowing
manager to a desktop manager.  IE I would prefer to run afterstep or ctwm
over having to make a decision between KDE or gnome.  


On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Tony Karakashian wrote:

> > This would be great. I would like a chapter for Gnome, too. So a user
> > can build X and decide if he wants to use KDE, Gnome or none of the
> > both.
> I second that.  I don't want KDE, but do want Gnome.  Ideally, I'd love to
> see X11, KDE and Gnome as separate hints (Gnome-Hint: "If you want Gnome,
> you need X11 first.  See the X11 hint...")
> -T

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