probs starting out

mike+miss Tonehana-HoneyWhanau at
Thu Jan 11 22:44:03 PST 2001

hi guys + girls i have been trying to split my 10gig HDD to be 1 8gig and 1
2gig partions (the 2gig being for LFS) while using fdisk i kept getting
overlaying partions,so i have used partion magic to resize and create a new
2gig linux partion. Now i need to know how to tell linux that it is there.
when typing mount /dev/hda7 it comes back and says no mouting point can be
found in ftab and mtab. any ideas? please note that i am still a bit of a
i have asked in irc rooms and checked out man pages, but after 3 reinstalls
doing the wrong thing i thought i had better :)

sorry about the mix up Gerard Beekmans:)

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