booting lfs - ongoing VFS error msg <- BIOS Disk in LILO?

Bill Suit csuit at
Fri Jan 12 05:58:09 PST 2001

On Friday 12 January 2001 01:18 pm, Barry F. wrote:
> if you're using a 2.2.x kernel, there is no support for the pdc20262
> ata66 card as an offboard chipset.  It is available in these patches.
> Note, support is now available in the stable 2.4.0 line.  However, I
> have to warn you.  I had almost the same IDE configuration as you
> personally, I'd just try 2.4 and see if it works.  Don't forget to enable
> support for the chipset in the kernel and leave that offboard chipset
> boot option at 'no'... this will most likely fix your problem...
> also, one suggestion.  append 'idebus=66' to your kernel command
> line.  The kernel is safedefaulting to a 33MHz bus... adding this line
> will make the kernel default to 66MHz and it will most likely speed
> up your system, even with burst bit enabled in the pdc20262...
> and never, and I mean NEVER, enable hdparm -X66 no matter how
> tempting it looks.  This option is marked as experimental for good
> reason.  I have a VERY stable hardware configuration at home and
> enabling this spead up my IDE bus transfer rate to a loss.  It was
> like alcohol for the system.  It was very nice at first, but the next
> morning everything was bad.
> I hosed an entire installation due to enabling that... I have never
> seen more data corruption on a stable system in my life...
> good luck :)

Well, I guess you and Bryan Smith have pretty much spelled it out for me 
today. I'm going to have to "chew" on this for a day or two.

I don't think I'm prepared (time wise) to go tackle kernel 2.4 just yet. 
Seems like Gerard Beekmans wrote in his book that we could just as easily use 
our existing kernel (mine being 2.2.17-21mdk). Do you know how I might do 
that, for expediency? TIA, Bill

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