Going home and some other news...

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Sat Jan 13 22:17:38 PST 2001

WB & I'm doing the same.  It's kinda wierd, I was off the net compleatly
(almost) for my whole vacation, and indeed only used the snagged laptop to
play freecell and minesweeper and type up a doc for work on the plane.  then
busy at work all last week so no playing on irc...

I'm still trying to recover and get my bearings... *VBG*


| jason at tommyk.com |

> And i got back this morning, still trying to catch up here and there
> (geez lots of new news all over the place, i'm so "out-of-touch" :)
> Anyways, i updated http://www.highos.com if anyone cares to see what
> i've been up to...
> > So, LFS related mail will drop down a bit ;)
> Muhahaha, now i get to catch up!

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