problems with sysklogd

Tony Karakashian tonyk at
Sun Jan 14 04:20:21 PST 2001

I just tried booting mine, and had similar problems.  I converted to
ReiserFS for the root partition, and didn't setup the init scripts right, so
it had issues mounting the root.  Since root wasn't mounted RW, it couldn't
mount /proc and hung.  Is that the problem you're having?  If so, and you
can mount the root, then check to make sure the /proc directory exists.  I
had the worst time last time when I'd forgotten to create it. :)

You also have /proc FS support built into the kernel, right? (It's not in


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I have just finished setting up an LFS 2.4 basic install but when I try to
boot into it it hangs on trying to start the sysklogd ??

I've checked all the config files and symlinks etc and can find nothing

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