GTK and Gnome (no icons on panel)

Tony Karakashian tonyk at
Sun Jan 14 04:26:38 PST 2001

I had the exact same problems when I did Gnome, too.  Apparently a few
others have, too.  Perhaps we should figure out what is causing this? :)  I
just installed LFS onto it's own machine, so once I get it booting right (I
went from IDE to SCSI, ext2 to Reiser and I'm not smart enough to make all
the changes on the first boot <g>), I intend to install X and Gnome.  Last
time, I had followed the X install up to the point where it says X is now
installed, however, the next step (which I skipped thinking it was
KDE-specific) installs XPM support, and I'm not sure if that has anything to
do with it or not.  Were there any "shortcuts" you made in the install of X?


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I have some strange problems with GTK
and Gnome. I installed both according
to the gnome-install.txt (LFS hints)
and I recieved no errors while installing.
My problem is that Gnome and every other
prog using gtk has empty menu panels,
empty pop-ups and pop-downs. Even the Icons
on the Gnome desktop have no name.
So what's wrong??? I don't know how to
handle that prob.

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