X11 revised

Alexander Blasche ab715752 at inf.tu-dresden.de
Sun Jan 14 07:52:22 PST 2001

Hi SEBi,

Schau dir mal diese schöne Signatur an. Sowas muss man ja unterstützen.

> - --Support your government, give Echelon / Carnivore something to parse--
> classfield top-secret government restricted data information project CIA
> KGB GRU DISA DoD defense systems military systems spy steal terrorist
> Allah Natasha Gregori destroy destruct attack democracy will send Russia
> bank system compromise international own rule the world ATSC RTEM warmod
> ATMD force power enforce sensitive directorate TSP NSTD ORD DD2-N AMTAS
> STRAP warrior-T presidental elections policital foreign embassy takeover
> - ------------------------------------------------------------------------


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