Occasional hard drive freezings when compiling?

Geoff Stanbury geeyoff at zerohour.net
Sun Jan 14 19:14:30 PST 2001

Hi.  Does anybody else ever have this problem?  Shamefully, it only seems 
to happen in linux, not in Windows 95.

Sometimes (not all the time) when I'm compiling something big and 
important, like GCC or glibc or X, everything just STOPS fairly late into 
the build.  The hard drive light is left on, and the keyboard and mouse 
stop functioning completely.  When I manually hit the reset button on my 
computer's case, it basically shuts down, and then, before anything appears 
on the monitor, the computer begins beeping this really worrying interval 
of thirds (sorry, music, not computer, terminology) which kind of sounds 

So then I completely shut off the computer, and then on again, and it works 
ok, except it has to fsck the filesystem because it wasn't cleanly unmounted.

When I'm really unlucky, it'll freeze in the same way in the middle of the 
resulting fsck, and I'll just have to restart the same way and hope that it 
won't happen a third time.

I've got a Maxtor 7500 rpm eide 20.0 gig hard drive, and it might have 
something to do with that, because this never happened with either of my 
previous Western Digital drives.  Has anyone heard anything that could 
confirm/deny this?  I'm also planning on upgrading the kernel from 2.2.17 
to 2.4.0 tonight, to see if that does anything.  But mostly, I'm just if 
anyone has ever experienced anything like this before.



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