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Mon Jan 15 06:05:09 PST 2001

At 01:44 PM 1/15/01 +0100, you wrote:
>You didn't even look into one of your patch-files, did you?

um . . . actually I did. This is the first line from the patch I applied:

diff -adurpN glibc-2.2/CONFORMANCE glibc-2.2.1/CONFORMANCE

After reading that I looked up the options in the diff man page.
-a Treat all files as text and compare them line-by-line .....
-d Change the algorithm to perhaps find a smaller set of changes. This ....
-u Use the unified output format.
-r When comparing directories, recursively compare any .....
-p Show which C functions each change is in.
-N In directory comparison, if a file is found in only one directory, treat 
it as present....

With that in hand I went to the patch man page and tried to match the 
options up. There is no -a option. The -d options are obviously not 
related. The -u option is related as in
-u Interpret the patch file as a unified context diff.
ah, so there is one to work with. The -r option is not related. Nor is the 
-p option. And lastly the -N option is not related either.

So, playing around with the -u option I added the -i and pointed it at the 
diff file.
patch -ui ../glibc-2.2-2.2.1                    and I got:
patching file CONFORMANCE
patching file ChangeLog
patching file ChangeLog.11
patching file FAQ
patching file
patching file Makeconfig
patching file Makefile
patching file
patching file Makerules
patching file NEWS
patching file README
patching file Rules
patching file Versions.def
can't find file to patch at input line 290543
Perhaps you should have used the -p or --strip options?
The text leading up to this was:
File to patch: _          # the underbar would be the blinking prompt at 
which point I did a control-c.

So, after trying a couple of variations with the -p option I went running 
to the mail list for help. Even if I had figured out the correct 
incantation with the -p option is still would not invalidate my question 
which is "How do I figure out what options to pass patch?" Looking in the 
diff file I saw "diff -adurpN" then some mysterious line of reasoning I am 
suppose to come up with this "patch -Np1 < patchfile"?

Well, I am now running late for work.

I think, therefore, ken_i_m

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