Occasional hard drive freezings when compiling?

Geoff Stanbury geeyoff at zerohour.net
Mon Jan 15 11:03:07 PST 2001

At 12:56 PM 1/15/01 +0100, Donnie Roos wrote:
>Are you overclocking? yes... STOP doing it!
No, that's something that I've wanted to try for some time now, but never 
got up the guts to try.  :-)  My cpu was marked on the box as a Pentium-II 
266 mhz when I bought it, and that's what I set it to in the BIOS...  What 
would be the likelihood of having bought a slower one that was improperly 

>Can you enter the BIOS-setup and read the temperature values (if this is 
>an option with your computer)?
Yeah.  What's an appropriate temperature range?  Mine was around 
110-degrees-Fahrenheit when I checked it just now.  I suppose it could get 
considerably hotter when it's actually doing something other than just 
showing me the BIOS.

In regards to Steve's note, how does one control voltage supplied by the 


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