Occasional hard drive freezings when compiling?...and also a KDE2 question

Craig M. Reece craigthulu at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 15 11:22:56 PST 2001

The path settings environment that kdm runs in do not linclude everything you 
need so when it tries to run startkde it can't be found. There was some other 
messages on the list earlier that handled this problem. I don't remember the 
subject though...

On Monday, January 15, 2001 02:08 pm, Scott Alfter spoke thusly:

> > On Sun Jan 14 2001 - 22:23:29 EST, Andy Goth (andy at chainsaw.grimnok.com) 
> >On Sunday, January 14, 2001 21:14, Geoff Stanbury wrote:
> >> I've got a Maxtor 7500 rpm eide 20.0 gig hard drive, and it might
> >> have something to do with that, because this never happened with
> >> either of my previous Western Digital drives. Has anyone heard
> >> anything that could confirm/deny this?
> >
> >I hear Maxtors and Western Digitals aren't reliable. I have two Fujitsus
> > and a Samsung in this computer.
> I haven't had problems with the Western Digital drives I've bought.  As for
> Maxtor, I've had several of 'em crap out within the first three months.
> Some haven't even gotten through one month before going tango-uniform.
> (More specifically, I went through three 5.1GB Maxtors in five months a few
> years ago.  I had the store exchange the last one for a Western Digital in
> the same capacity.  That drive is still running.  More recently, a
> customer's server's hard drive died.  I needed a hard drive right away and
> Maxtor was the only brand available, so I bought a 20GB drive and installed
> it.  It was spitting out errors within a month.  I swapped that drive for a
> Western Digital (the store had gotten some in) and haven't heard of any
> trouble since.)
> >> I'm also planning on
> >> upgrading the kernel from 2.2.17 to 2.4.0 tonight, to see if that
> >> does anything. But mostly, I'm just if anyone has ever experienced
> >> anything like this before.
> >
> >Hey, me too! I mean, I'm planning on rebuilding everything else to go
> > along with it.
> I'm fairly new to LFS, so I have new everything--Linux 2.4.0 with reiserfs,
> XF86 4.0.2, KDE 2.0.1, etc.  Speaking of KDE, here's a question:  the KDE
> desktop won't start automatically.  When using kdm to log in, I can log in
> in failsafe mode and run startkde in the xterm that comes up.  When I try
> loading startkde (using the full path) in .xsession, the login is accepted,
> the screen goes black, and I'm dumped back into the login screen. 
> .xsession is fairly simple:
> #!/bin/bash -login
> exec /usr/local/kde2/bin/startkde
> What am I doing wrong that would cause this behavior?  (I had a hell of a
> time getting KDE compiled, but that was the result of egrep being screwed
> up and causing configure to not work right, libtool not compiled right,
> etc.)
> Scott Alfter
> salfter at salfter.dyndns.org

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