Occasional hard drive freezings when compiling?...and also a KDE2 question

Simon Perreault nomis80 at videotron.ca
Mon Jan 15 11:37:41 PST 2001

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On Monday 15 January 2001 14:08, Scott Alfter wrote:
> What am I doing wrong that would cause this behavior?  (I had a hell of a
> time getting KDE compiled, but that was the result of egrep being screwed
> up and causing configure to not work right, libtool not compiled right,
> etc.)

Nothing. It's just that KDM doesn't set the path right, so some programs 
can't be found. I couldn't find how to set the path in the kdmrc file, like I 
was able to do with GDM. Anyway, edit the startkde script so that all the 
programs it refers to include the full path. Like this:

# Link "tmp" resource to directory in /tmp
# Creates a directory /tmp/kde-$USER and links $KDEHOME/tmp-$HOSTNAME to it.
/usr/kde/bin/lnusertemp tmp >/dev/null

# Link "socket" resource to directory in /tmp
# Creates a directory /tmp/ksocket-$USER and links $KDEHOME/socket-$HOSTNAME 
to it.
/usr/kde/bin/lnusertemp socket >/dev/null

# the splashscreen and progress indicator

Your kde directory may be different than mine. Then you can add startkde to 
the xdm Xsession file.

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