Chad Simmons hoopak at
Mon Jan 15 14:41:45 PST 2001

Ok, this is my first time posting to this list so bear with me.

I'm thinking about writing a perl parsing script for reading the devices.txt 
file and making the appropriate nodes in the /dev dir.

(Yes I know there's a MAKEDEV script, and I also know other's have posted on 
this topic before, and I also know about devfs)

My question before attempting this is... Are there any devices that I should 
not create? Meaning are there any that require any special configuration 
before they are created, and/or is there any testing that should be done 
prior to their creation, and/or are there any that should not be created at 
all except in very specific circumstances.

I assumed from the nature of the MAKEDEV script that it didn't cause any 
problems to have the inodes there, they just wouldn't do anything. But as 
I'm not incredibly familiar with device files and drivers in linux I figured 
I should ask.

Thank's for your time.
Chad Simmons
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