kernel 2.4 /dev question

Simon Geard delgarde at
Mon Jan 15 17:09:29 PST 2001

> Devfs is entirely optional, however, it works swimmingly!
> Just download the devfsd from freshmeat or wherever the kernel docs point
> to and make sure to run it early on in init.
> Basically, just create the /dev directory as normal, but don't create dev
> entries.  And add the line 'devfsd /dev' to the top of /etc/init.d/rcS.

Actually, you only need devfsd for compatibility. Unless you run something 
that actually needs it, don't bother. One of the nice things about devfs is 
the /dev directory massively, and you can tell what's supported and what 
isn't. By creating all it's compatibility entries, devfsd completely undoes 
that advantage.

I don't use it in my primary system yet, but I have a small installation I 
use to experiment with - that runs devfs perfectly without devfsd. I'll be 
doing the same on my primary system, whenever I next reinstall it.


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