staroffice and printing

Arnout Couperus llhorian at
Tue Jan 16 01:51:05 PST 2001

I've just noticed that getting StarOffice to actually print something isn't as easy as it looks. I have CUPS installed as my printing system. Usually I use gtklp, a gtk based CUPS front-end for printing with all applications, but when I configure staroffice to use gtklp it has no output so it won't print anything.
I've tried to configure staroffice to use 'lpr' or 'lp' but those also didn't work. I have no idea how to get this damn thing to print. 
Now I have to save it to another file format, reopen it in abiword and then use abiword with gtklp to print.

Anybody know how I can configure StarOffice to print normally with CUPS? Would be a big help, thanks.


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