Installing Bash

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Tue Jan 16 11:43:52 PST 2001

From: Steve Brown <lukkystarr at>
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>Subject: Installing Bash
>Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 14:37:31 -0500
>I am fairly new to Linux, and I'm finding the switch from DOS is much
>more difficult than I imagined.  I've started the lfs process, and I've
>arrived at the Bash installation part.  I come to the command
>"./configure --enable-static-link --prefix=$LFS/usr \ --bindir=$LFS/bin
>--disable-nls --with-ncurses &&".  With this I get, "sh: ./cofigure: no
>file or directory found"  I've not seen this command before, so I don't
>know where to start looking for answers.  I've scoured the Unix books I
>have to no avail.  Anyone know what's wrong?
>Steve Brown

What directory were you in when you ran the command? It should be the 
directory the bash package was untarred to. If you do an ls you should see a 
file called configure.

Chad Simmons
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