Barry barry at
Tue Jan 16 12:39:16 PST 2001

Chad Simmons wrote:
> Ok, this is my first time posting to this list so bear with me.
> I'm thinking about writing a perl parsing script for reading the devices.txt
> file and making the appropriate nodes in the /dev dir.
> (Yes I know there's a MAKEDEV script, and I also know other's have posted on
> this topic before, and I also know about devfs)
> My question before attempting this is... Are there any devices that I should
> not create? Meaning are there any that require any special configuration
> before they are created, and/or is there any testing that should be done
> prior to their creation, and/or are there any that should not be created at
> all except in very specific circumstances.
> I assumed from the nature of the MAKEDEV script that it didn't cause any
> problems to have the inodes there, they just wouldn't do anything. But as
> I'm not incredibly familiar with device files and drivers in linux I figured
> I should ask.
> Thank's for your time.
> Chad Simmons

I'm working on a replacement MAKEDEV script in my spare time (which is
few and far between these past few weeks)...

In any case, I was wondering how to tackle this... If you think that you
can parse the file with a perl script, why don't we coordinate?

Perhaps a good idea would be to parse a raw device list from the text
file, then build a system to create the dev files after that...

what do you think?

(a note: the reason for doing this is that people may want to create
only certain families of devices on their systems.)

I have to run... We'll communicate more on this later...

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