Kernel 2.4(-ac#) and PPP

Sergey Ostrovsky sostrovsky at
Tue Jan 16 19:57:10 PST 2001

On Tuesday 16 January 2001 22:20, you wrote:
> Sergey Ostrovsky wrote:
> > Folks, something is wrong with what you're doing.
> > I built my first system around glibc-2.1.3 with kernel 2.2, then upgraded
> > to kernel 2.4test10 and discovered it doesn't work with ppp-2.3.11. So I
> > upgraded ppp to 2.4.0 - no problem.
> > Then I built my second system around glibc-2.2, which itself was built
> > against kernel 2.4.0 heades, has devfs, and again have had no problems.
> > This is to say that IMHO ppp is pretty tough.
> > Look again in ppp-2.4.0 docs about things that you should put in
> > /etc/modules/conf - the best I can suggest.
> >
> > Sergey Ostrovsky.
> Yes, but are you using the AC patches?
Yes, with later ( see above ) system - AC3.
The former still has test12.
All networking stuff compiled as modules.
I do nothing to get it loaded in the right time.
All the modules.conf stuff copied right from ppp docs.
BTW, If you want to forget about stupid problems with
/dev nodes, use devfs + devfsd ( yes, it is about ppp also ).
> -Jeff

Sergey Ostrovsky.

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