building lfs for NS Geode MediaGXm target

Scott Alfter salfter at
Tue Jan 16 21:50:32 PST 2001

On Tue, Jan 16, 2001 at 04:21:25PM -0500, Andrew Plumb wrote:
> Has anyone built lfs for a MediaGXm target machine?  If so, any
> suggestions/caveats for CFLAGS settings?  I've just started an attempt
> using:
>   CFLAGS="-O3 -march=i586"
> ...but the processor has MMX extensions so perhaps I should be doing
> -march=i686 instead?

Your first guess is better.  -march=i586 is for the Pentium/K5/6x86, and I
suspect that the MediaGX, being a Cyrix processor, is closer to the 6x86
than anything else.  -march=i686 is for the Pentium Pro and friends (PII,
P!!!, and Celery), and might not even work with your system.  (I compiled
all of my stuff with -march=k6 since the final destination once everything's
up and running will be a K6-2, and a K6-III also uses the system across the
LAN as a diskless client.  It's currently on a P5-133, and it runs OK (if a
bit slow compared to the AMD boxen) on that.

Come to think of it, even -march=i586 might not work.  Cyrix CPUs lack a
small number of instructions from the Pentium instruction set.  This bit me
in the a$$ back when a 5x86 was my most powerful system (Prime95 crashed if
some option I don't recall was enabled while running on a Cyrix processor).
That 5x86 is now running LFS in a router/firewall config; everything for it
was compiled with -march=i486.

> I'm doing the build on my dual P2-333 because my target machine is a
> little Advantech PCM-5822
> (  I was able to squeeze
> an absolutely minimal Debian install into ~90MB of my 128MB CompactFlash
> boot device; the other ~24MB was the DOS boot partition.  I did this by
> copying the entire Debian CD to a partition of a little PCMCIA-mounted 1GB
> Microdrive; digital gymnastics to say the least. :-)
> (Un)fortunately, this is a less-than elegant solution.  Trying to make
> enough room for a complete-enough development environment on that machine
> lands up breaking more than it enables.  Without a functional development
> environment on-machine I can't compile the audio and video drivers
> specific to the board, among other things...
> My goal now is to build and tailor a minimal install for the whole board,
> using my desktop box.  Suggestions?

If you plan on putting this machine on a network, you might consider having
it net-boot from your other computer.  You can load Etherboot into the CF
storage with tons of room to spare; the kernel image and root filesystem
will be supplied by the other computer (we'll go ahead and call it the
server because "other computer" gets awkward :-) ).  You can either build up
a root filesystem from scratch for the MediaGX box or you can use ClusterNFS
to share the server's root filesystem with other boxen.  Since your server
is a dual PII and might have binaries optimized for that system, you might
be better off using separate root filesystems.  (I'm using ClusterNFS, but
all the machines currently using it are of the K6-x or P5 variety and any
new processor in my future will more than likely be an Athlon or Duron of
some sort.)

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