Installing Bash

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Wed Jan 17 09:22:55 PST 2001

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>Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 11:40:17 -0500
>I typed it correctly, did it a few times with the same result.  It won't 
>get past the configure command.  I've looked for this command in the Unix 
>books I have, and can't find it listed.  What shell does it come from?

It's an executable script (i.e. a file) that should be located in the 
directory you're in. I would suggest checking to make sure you are in the 
right directory when you are running the command. To do this just type pwd. 
If you can give us the output of the pwd command perhaps we can give you 
more information about what you need to do to get to the right directory.

Chad Simmons
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