lfs-hint filename style

Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at gmx.net
Wed Jan 17 09:56:04 PST 2001

On Wednesday 17 January 2001 01:42, you wrote:
> > I'm all against this.
> > 1) Konqueror cannot deal with that CVS thing. Well, the version 2.0.1 at
> > least.
> > 2) It's more pretty.
> > 3) The hints are often visited by newbies. They will be very confused by
> > that CVS thing.
> Well I just removed it anyways and let me give counter arguments for yours:
> 1) I used konqueror from kde-2.0.1 and it works fine on
> cvs.linuxfromscratch.org. The hints display nicely.
> 2) Prettiness isn't something i care for in this case: i come again with my
> previous argument: why browse that 12 hour old archive when you have
> something else available that's always up-to-date. Why stop 'progress'
> because it may not look pretty or people aren't used to it (so they can
> learn to get used to it, or we can try to get a better web interface).

I belive in prettyness! (Well, the CVS-thing is not too bad, but the old one 
is nicer. I would volunteer to do the changes)
Well, I suppose it wouldn't  be to hard to have that interfaces of yours (the 
old lfs-hints page),  to show the actual content, all it would imply is a 
simple cgi-script. why does it have to be a cron job? 

> 3) I've added a small comment on linuxfromscratch.org/services/lfshints.php
> that you shouldn't click on the filename but on the revision number next to
> it. If people can't read, then there's not much we can do, right?
I generally agree with you, that is the way it *should* be, but think of how
many questions are asked (even on the LFS lists) just becuse people
don't read.

> I haven't removed the hint-update script by the way, I just disabled that
> particular cron job. If this really proves to be horrible and people really
> can't figure it out by simply reading before clicking I can always start
> running that cron job again. Let's give it a try, we may be suprised for a
> change ;o)

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