devfsd and device rights

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Wed Jan 17 10:19:52 PST 2001

I am trying to get devfsd running with saving the
owner and rights of some devices.
The kernel docs speak of 2 ways to do that: tar
them up (which I do not like for several reasons)

<qoute the devfs README>
If you wish to save and restore your device permissions into the
disc-based /dev while still mounting devfs onto /dev you may do so.
This requires a 2.4.x kernel which has the VFS binding facility.
You need to do the following to set this up:
  make sure the kernel does not mount devfs at boot time
  create the /dev-state directory
  add the following lines near the very beginning of your boot scripts:
  mount -t bind /dev /dev-state
  mount -t devfs none /dev
  devfsd /dev
  add the following lines to your /etc/devfsd.conf file:
  REGISTER	.*	COPY	/dev-state/$devname $devpath
  CHANGE	.*	COPY	$devpath /dev-state/$devname
  CREATE	.*	COPY	$devpath /dev-state/$devname
<end of qoute>

my data as follows:
- kernel-2.4.0-test10, devfsd automounting compiled in
- works ok not saving anything
- appended nomount to lilo
- /dev-state present
- devfsd.conf lines uncommented
- script lines inserted

BUT: already when reading this I asked myself what is mount -t bind?
And exactely that is what my systems asks me now when booting!
There is no filesystem-type bind, nore an option bind to mount.
Any ideas what might behind that line?


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