Installing Bash

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Wed Jan 17 11:26:12 PST 2001

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>No, I haven't extracted anything because I am following the book 
>explicitly.  It says I can do this with any Linux installed, and I followed 
>the directions up through chapter five.  There was nothing in the book told 
>me to do that, so I didn't.  Am I missing something here?

Ah, then that explains it.. You should go back and read this section. As you 
have most likely forgotten to do these steps before you did the ./configure 

It explains what you have to do to un tar/gzip/bzip2 a package and how to cd 
into the packages base dir. Once that's done you can continue with the 
directions in chapter 5. *Remember you have to follow the directions in 
ch02-install.html once for each package before you proceed with the 
configuring and makeing instructions.

Chad Simmons
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