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Wed Jan 17 11:38:14 PST 2001

( Mit, 17 Jan 2001 ) Steve Brown <-- :
> Yes, I just re-read up through to Chapter five again.  That paragraph just
> explains how to unpack things, it doesn't actually give files that need to be
> unpacked.  Following that is a list of all the files needed to be downloaded
> and copied to /lfs/usr/src, which I did, but still nothing about what to do
> with them beyond that.  I've downloaded, made the partition, created all the
> directories, and now ready to install the new system.  The book makes it clear
> in the beginning that you need a working system before you can start this, so I
> loaded Mandrake before I started any of this, making sure to set aside a clean
> partition for lfs.
> I ran the configure command, and it did something, but not what it was supposed
> to do.  From what I understand from the directions, the command is supposed to
> install files into the /lfs/bin and /lfs/usr directories.  I checked, they
> didn't get installed.  I'm starting to think I didn't create the partition
> right.
> Mike Hildebrandt wrote:
> > Have you read chapter 2, in particular the section "How to install the
> > software" which begins with:

SNIPPED rest of it

- for every package you do this (short overview)
- the details are for every package in the book

0. download the packages from the list in the book
1. copy them to the LFS/usr/src or later the /usr/src directory
-. here things are normally unpacked for the building purpose
2. go into (LFS)/usr/src directory and unpack the package
-. the command depends whether it is package.tar.gz or package.tar.bz2
-. you get the source directory /usr/src/package and the files in it
3. go into (LFS)/usr/src/package directory and "./configure" with --options
-. this will create one or more Makefile with your defined data in it
!. reading documents in the source directory will increase knowledge
-. normally you stay in this directory for all following commands
4. if configuring was ok type "make" (maybe with additions)
-. this will compile/build the programs with the definitions of the Makefile
5. if compiling was ok do a "make install"
-. this will install everything with the definitions of the Makefile
6. now you can check whether the program is where you expect it.


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