Installing Bash

Steve Hayashi sth at
Wed Jan 17 14:05:16 PST 2001

Just becareful when reading the rest of it.  I've missed the
configuration files more often than not, and it's soley because I was
focused on the boot scripts.

Clean system?  There's one ever so tiny problem with that.  You can't
compile the compiler without another compiler.  I know that sounds really
odd, but it'd be a bitch to do otherwise.


On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Steve Brown wrote:

> I get it!  I thought the directions were for an idiot that has a so-so basic
> knowledge of Linux, so I took everything literally.  It never told me to unpack
> them, so I never did.  I'll give it a whirl and see what's up.   I must say, I'm
> impressed I've received none of the sarcastic msgs I expected because of my
> obvious ineptness at Linux.  If anyone reading this thread has been frustrated
> by my lack of knowledge, it hasn't shown.
> Has anyone ever tried this on a clean system, with nothing more than empty Linux
> partitions?  That would be a real learning experience I think.

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