Installing Bash

ej ejaustin at
Wed Jan 17 16:44:25 PST 2001

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> True, but what can be done is:
> build a system up to chapter 5
> burn that system to a cd and make the cd bootable
> boot your computer from that cd and you will have a Linux system on that cd
> that you can use to compile all the other software. Create a partition,
> mke2fs it. Then copy all the files from the cdrom to the partition and voila,
> you have a system up to chapter 5 on the harddisk now. Open the LFS-Book at
> chapter 6 and follow the rest of it.

As long as the CD included all the tarballs, too, right? And
one would be left with no way to communicate with the
outside world unless some kind of ftp package and
connectivity package were included? Not criticizing... just
checking my understanding...


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