JFS and XFS - Linux Journaled File Systems

M.Hoes maarten_hoes at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 18 09:22:27 PST 2001


I don't know if any of you already tried out a journaled file system yet,
but even if you did, it's probably been ReiserFS. But if you're really
interested in the subject you should really give JFS and XFS a go.

JFS is IBM's journaled file system, the very same technology they have been
using in their *nix flavor AIX for years now, and they are in the process of
porting it to linux under the GPL license. Since they have been using this
fs on AIX for quite some time, so the technology they use has been ironed
out and fine-tuned quite nicely. Recently it has reached stable status. On
the web site, they offer the JFS sources, and quite a lot of whitepapers,
intro's and HOWTO-install docs. I've tried it out myself and I must admit
it's pretty cool. ;)

SGI has a journaledfs as well called XFS, the fs they are using in their
*nix flavor, and they have ported this to linux too. By some people XFS is
even considered the technology leader of journaledfs. It's still in beta
though, but reached 'usable' status. Haven't tried it this one out yet, but
im currently downloading the sources ;)

Check out the details at:



By the way, has anyone seen a Logical Volume Manager (LVM) for Linux yet? I
would love to try one out. ;)

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