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Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Thu Jan 18 09:28:59 PST 2001

> Let me say first that I am not a fan of MS at all. I'm pretty much the
> only major MS-basher at my school,...

That's surprising; it's so in fashion these days to be an M$ basher even for
people *not* involved with the GNU/Linux/*BSD/OpenSource communities.

> ...The difference usually lies in the
> procedure of whether or not the software in question is being produced to
> directly hurt a competitor. (Internet Explorer 3.0: Released hurridly to
> beat Netscape --> Low quality software;

now that netscape is all but gone in the windoze world, they can spend time
to make IE5.5,  arguably, the best by far full featured, graphical browser.
(note that i didn't say best over all, i stilll like lynx/links/w3c for raw
speed just need it for some bussinesssites that are heavily scripted)  It
runs for weeks without crashing...

> Age of Empires (yes, I'm aware
> that it wasn't directly programmed by MS, but they needed to follow the MS
> release schedules): Focused on getting the game right --> High quality
> software.

I can't speak for the first release, but I found AOE2 to be a smashingly fun
and excelent game  :)

> As for the comparison to research scientists, above, I think this is a
> completely irrelevent and narrow-minded view. I'd agree with you if the
> research was being done to fulfill a certain "evil" goal (biological
> warfare). However, most of the research that I believe you are referring
> to does not fit this category. For example, space research was funded
> largely to produce better missiles. Of course, the benefits of that
> program cannot be ignored. You would not be communicating with such a
> remarkable technology if it weren't for the "missile studies".

it is indeed unfortunate that some of the greatest technological advances
have, are, and, more than likely will, be made by military research.


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